Here it is!

Saturday 19 April 2014 11:19

Let's not waste too many words here, you've been waiting long enough: with great pride we present you our new video for "No Compassion"!

We would like to thank the following people for making it all happen:
Nathalie van Vugt for her patience and great camera skills, our very own Bart Limburg for all the video editing, Dave Schinkel recording and mixing the audio track, Meneer van Ulden Vinyl and Jazz Café Bebop for allowing us to film in their awesome place (and bartender Lars Hartnack for the good company and skillfully serving us Christoffel Nobel!), Sabrina v/d Berg for Liesbeth's hairstyling, and Manon Gordijn of Ariane Inden Store Den Haag for Liesbeth's make-up.

Enjoy! :-)

No confirmed upcoming gigs.

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