Contest "Grote Prijs van Nederland"

Monday 14 July 2014 15:49

We've got a lot of cool new stuff to share! In our previous update we already mentioned the Female Fronted Rock Night. We're proud to confirm we're among the 8 bands that have been selected to be part of the tour!

We're far from tired of band contests too... Band Boost was a really cool trip last year, and we'd love more of that sort of stuff!

In the Global Battle of the Bands, we managed to make it to the national finals. These took place on June 21st on an outdoor stage at the Grote Markt in Den Haag. The competition was fierce, and unfortunately we didn't win. Orange Skyline will be representing the Netherlands in the worldwide finals, and got to play the Jupiler Stage at Parkpop. Thin Pillow were awarded best local band and got to play the The Hague stage at Parkpop. Congratulations to both!

But that's not all. As you may have read on Facebook, we took part in the preliminaries for the Peter Tetteroo Bokaal on June 18th, and we won! This means that on August 29th, we'll be taking on Vortex University and Andere Koek at Westerpop in Delft! The stakes? This year's winner will open the festival next year on the main stage!

And that's still not everything: we have applied for a spot in the Grote Prijs van Nederland, the mother of all Dutch band competitions, and we really, really, REALLY want to be selected! Now, we could just lean back and wait and hope the jury will pick us as one of 24 contestants out of over 200 submissions... but we can also guide the hands of fate a little bit! There is a poll for the audience award, and the jury will pick two bands from the top 10 and award them with a wildcard that launches them straight to the quarter finals. Needless to say, we REALLY want to be one of them! With help of our awesome Facebook-friends we are now in the top 10 (at number 9 right now), and we'd like to keep it that way. So here's a little heads-up if you haven't done so already:

Vote for Eve's Fall!

Furthermore we're happy to announce some cool new gigs, starting with Roadgrill on June 19th. That means beer, BBQ and metal! PSYCHED!!! Afterwards we'll be off for a couple of weeks while some of us are taking a little vacation, but we'll be back again in August to rock your socks off! Until then we wish you great summer holidays and look forward to seeing you guys again at one of our gigs!



No confirmed upcoming gigs.

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