New tunes in the making!

Saturday 11 April 2015 07:31

It's been awfully quiet on here for way too long. We think an apology is due here! Thankfully we've been very busy in the meantime: awesome shows with Stream of Passion, My Propane, Kingfisher Sky, The Saturnine, Ancient Bards and Sin7sins... We can look back at a year full of great shows with some amazing bands!

Behind the scenes, a lot has been going on as well. We've been very busy writing new songs! We've spent whole evenings and days locked up in our rehearsal room, at Bart's place, and even an entire weekend at Liesbeth's place!

It feels great to be working creatively on something entirely new, but after FIVE (!!!) months all of us are really starting to miss being on stage and rocking out with you guys so it's time for a break. Therefore we're very pleased to finally be able to announce some upcoming dates!

On Thursday May 7th we'll be playing at Gebr de Nobel in Leiden with Mudguard and The Saturnine, who will be playing their farewell gig that night. On Friday May 22nd we'll be playing with Kingfisher Sky and Autumn at the P3 in Purmerend. And on June 12th we'll be playing at a Female Fronted Rocknight with Left Alive (first ever tryout gig) and Coral Springs at the HPC in The Hague!

Want to get in for free on May 7th?
The fine gentlemen of Mudguard are giving away four tickets on their Facebook-page! Check their page and follow the four easy steps (in Dutch). They'll announce the winners on their page on May 1st!

No confirmed upcoming gigs.

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