Message from Liesbeth

Monday 14 December 2015 18:39

Dear friends and fans,

In 2011 I started Eve's Fall with Johan, Bart, Jeroen and Josha and what a blast has it been! We made an album, won BandBoost 2013, played live on 3FM national radio, played at awesome festivals such as Wantijpop and Westerpop, and last but not least played lots of cool shows with awesome bands like Stream of Passion, Autumn, Kingfisher Sky, My Propane, Sin7sins and Ancient Bards. In the meantime there have also been some big changes in my private life: family expansion, a divorce, and as many of you may know I'm expecting my 4th child at the moment. Therefore it has become quite a task to combine my busy family life and my band. But Eve's Fall has always been my "lovechild" too, so it was quite a tough call deciding whether or not I should quit doing what I love so much.

But I feel I'm not doing my band and you guys justice if I can't give the full 100%. Therefore it is with deep regret that I announce today Eve's Fall will be going on without me. I hope with all my heart they will soon find an awesome singer to replace me, so they can continue doing what they do so well at full force.

I wish to thank all of Eve's Fall and everyone who has been important to me and the band throughout these years (Dave, Djuri, Nathalie, Manon, family and friends), photographers who shot great pics of me on stage, all the venues we've played, sound and light techs, and all our followers, fans and friends for all the fantastic times I shared with you guys and this band. I won't lightly forget any of it!


Liesbeth Cordia


No confirmed upcoming gigs.

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