Female Fronted Rock Night

Wednesday 11 June 2014 08:50

Those of you following us on Facebook have probably read it already: out of more than 30 applications, we are among the 9 bands that have been selected to take part in the Poule Parties of the Female Fronted Rock Night! The FFRN is a cool initiative of three bands aiming to bring professional female fronted bands together and firmly put them on the map! This way, it will be easier to combine bands and offer them to bookers as a package.
The Poule Parties are not a competition, but more like a showcase. However, a lot depends on the outcome of these two evenings: the board of the FFRN will personally pick a number of these 9 bands to join them on future FFRN tours. So we're still a little nervous, but we look forward to it a lot!

On Saturday June 14th the first of the two Poule Parties will take place at the Paardcafe, and we'll be there, together with Coral Springs, Kissing Jane, Tarzan's My Daddy and All Comes Down! See you this Saturday?


Here it is!

Saturday 19 April 2014 09:19

Let's not waste too many words here, you've been waiting long enough: with great pride we present you our new video for "No Compassion"!

We would like to thank the following people for making it all happen:
Nathalie van Vugt for her patience and great camera skills, our very own Bart Limburg for all the video editing, Dave Schinkel recording and mixing the audio track, Meneer van Ulden Vinyl and Jazz Café Bebop for allowing us to film in their awesome place (and bartender Lars Hartnack for the good company and skillfully serving us Christoffel Nobel!), Sabrina v/d Berg for Liesbeth's hairstyling, and Manon Gordijn of Ariane Inden Store Den Haag for Liesbeth's make-up.

Enjoy! :-)


Tuesday 15 April 2014 06:03

Starting in 2004, the annual Global Battle of the Bands is an ever growing international live talent competition aiming to expose new talent to a larger, international audience. It started out small with just 16 participating countries, but by now over 30 countries are involved and the prizes aren't too shabby either: among others, there's a "band development package" worth $100,000!!! The Netherlands have been involved too for a few years now, and... we're taking part! We applied for the The Hague preliminaries, and on Saturday April 12th it was our turn to compete against Red Light Babies, Mama Franko and NiCad. And guess what? WE WON!

(photo by Peter Balkema / 24/7 Photo for 3voor12 Den Haag)

This means we're through to the semi-finals on Friday May 2nd in the Supermarkt, not unfamiliar to us! Besides the huge prize package, we're also battling for a spot at Parkpop, the largest free music festival in the Netherlands with over 300,000 visitors! How awesome would it be to play there!? It was cool seeing so many friends and familiar faces supporting us last Saturday, we hope to see you all again on May 2nd!

It was about time we got some new promotional pictures taken. The previous ones are three years old already, and boy, can people change in three years time: hair has grown, beards have been shaved, pregnancies are long over... A great opportunity to meet with our close friend and talented photographer Nathalie van Vugt again, and we really like the results! With great pride, we hereby present the first one:


And more news: our new music video for "No Compassion" is all ready! Keep a close eye on our website and our Facebook page, it won't be long now!

See you soon, on May 2nd! m/

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