Whoa, how time flies!

Saturday 29 April 2023 12:01

The realisation just hit... Our first and only full-length album, "From Here On", turned 10 years old on Monday! How time flies...

In case you were wondering: even though we never officially called it quits, it's safe to say Eve's Fall no longer exists. Most of us are still very much making music though. Liesbeth is doing quite nicely with Ylisia, and Johan, Josha and Jeroen are part of the live band for melodic doom project Akelei. And if you happen to visit the beautiful city of Barcelona some time, you might just run into Professor Bart!

We still have a ton of happy memories, of sharing the stage with awesome bands, playing at some really cool venues, playing live on national radio, and working with some awesome musicians (most notably Len van de Laak, who played keys on our album, and the great Ad Sluyter who played two guitar solo's on the album and joined us live at our release party to play along). Good times were had! Cheers to that!

No confirmed upcoming gigs.

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